Not Much of a Heroine

Heroes and heroines on television nowadays break the law or sleep with everyone. It’s the sign of the times we live in when the government becomes the enemy, television shows bring out heroes who buck the government or rogue cops who fight the…

Annie hasn’t had any in a while, she’s kinda long overdue. She deserves some good time in and out of a relationship. 

Auggie is free to  sleep with anyone he wants to, since Annie said no emotional connections.

Calder can pay a woman for sex if that’s what he wants, because he doesn’t want to have casual one night stands and isn’t interested in a relationship either, because of his job.

I wasn’t huge fan of the Auggie sex fest because of a few reasons, none related to Annie or his sleeping around. In retrospect, I get it. I like it.

And please Annie, GO GET SOME!!! I won’t mind her just picking up random dude in a bar! 


Thank you, by the way, for bringing up Calder.

While prostitution is not legal in DC, he is free to break the law pay for sex with a woman of legal age if that’s what he chooses to do since he, too, is a grown man making grown man decisions. And if that woman wants to be paid for it, well. Also her decision.

Not Much of a Heroine


Not Much of a Heroine

Heroes and heroines on television nowadays break the law or sleep with everyone. It’s the sign of the times we live in when the government becomes the enemy, television shows bring out heroes who buck the government or rogue cops who fight the lawless. But my problem is the hero or heroine who sleep with everyone. 

Would it kill Hollywood to celebrate long-term relationships; people who wait for…

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Currently, I am watching Covert Affairs. The new season is a disappointment to me. I loved last season. Now it’s a soap opera with everyone sleeping with other people, the threat of an affair, an affair, and a super spy who can’t seem to have any long-term relationships. I’m falling less in love with this new season as I watch each episode. So I am hitting the kill switch on the recorder.

"everyone sleeping with other people"
"the threat of an affair"
"an affair"
"a super spy who can’t seem to have any long term relationships"


This is NOT THE FIRST TIME (or the second) we’ve had to have a talk on people slut shaming Annie, but taking it to the other characters on this show? Lord in Heaven, testing me this early in the morning… on a Friday… fine

First? Not everyone is sleeping with other people. Auggie isn’t sleeping with Annie because he found a new girlfriend. He found a woman he was interested in - or rather, a woman who was interested in him - and when she showed up at his apartment, he certainly didn’t say no.

[disclaimer: I recognize that this is coming from a religious blog and I’m not touching that with a ten-foot pole lest someone think I’m jumping on Jesus, which isn’t the case at all. I’m jumping on the idea that a woman (or a man!) isn’t capable of making her own decisions, one way or another, when it comes to her sexuality and how she chooses to use it).]

Hayley Price saw a man she thought was smart and attractive and she, being a smart and attractive person, thought, “Hey, we might have mutual interests outside the office that might include a bedroom.” Or a wall, in that first case, but whatever. As two, grown, consenting adults, that’s totally within their rights.  Guess what, that happens in real life, too.

Second. The threat of an affair, I’m guessing, came from McQuaid’s second in command, EXCEPT… it didn’t. We’ve gone down that road before, certainly, with Arthur and Joan. Arthur’s even conceded his post at the CIA over a fake affair, but of all the people on this show, Joan and Arthur are the two most faithful. It’s a marriage, a true marriage, with ups and downs and and good showing of how things work in the real world, especially when it comes to working with your spouse.

You will not always like what they have to say and you will not always like what they do, but you move on. It’s not the end of your marriage. Both Joan and Arthur have toed the line when it comes to emotional cheating, but neither have crossed any real major lines and the fact that they’re still there, supporting each other, really is a testament to the writers and how the know that these two characters are in it for the long haul.

Third. An affair? Sure, Auggie did that when he was with Hayley and slept with Natasha - going so far as to actively entice Natasha to stay for a while and play Hayley for a fool because circumstances had changed since that first wall-banging episode. Auggie’s justifications can be seen as good or bad (Natasha and Hayley both think he’s a tool, so… bad), but in his mind, there were justifications for it for his friend.

Think about all the things you do for your very best friend in the entire world. Now put that on a global, National Security level, add some abs and boyish charm, and… you have Auggie. The point is, he’s a douchebag for cheating on them, he lost both of them, and there were real life consequences for it: Annie was exposed because Hayley was petty (because she’d said she’d sit on it for a while, then didn’t). This is also a thing that happens in the real world: consequences of having an affair. People find out, they leave. People find out, your job suffers, people around you suffer.

Four. A super spy who can’t seem to have any long term relationships.

And here I have to wonder if the person who has these complaints are new or if they mainlined the first few seasons, loved last season as they said, and now don’t like this season because of the lack of Annie/Auggie dynamic.

Look, I get it. There are some hardcore Annie/Auggie/Walkerson shippers out there. They feel like the show is missing something without their ship, but the show isn’t about the romance, it’s about the SHIP. Let me explain…

Annie and Auggie work well together, they always have. He always has her back. They always need to be together in some form or fashion. He IS her longest relationship on the show, but it’s not necessarily a romantic one. Annie and romance don’t work because with anyone else, she has to lie about what she’s doing all the time.  With Auggie it doesn’t work because she holds back and he pushes too hard. In any other relationship, that could be fixed, but on a global scale, it’s too much.

But okay, Annie and having long term relationships:

When we first meet Annie, she’s come off a three week relationship with Ben Mercer. Love of her life. The sex “rocked” in her own words. In fact, this relationship meant SO MUCH to her that it influences her every decision for two years until she joins the CIA, and quite a few decisions for months after.

She meets Dr. Scott. Jai Wilcox. The chef. That kind of thing. But, you know, she was 28 (supposedly) when the show started, and life was good. She was a single, attractive woman and in a fantastic, jet-setting job. She just couldn’t tell anyone about it, which meant holding down a man at home was kind of difficult. Meeting a man on the job was impossible (don’t date foreigners!) and that left her with… well, the Agency.

Jai blew up in a car bomb…. and that’s S3. She meets Simon. She LOVED Simon. In fact, she loved Simon so much that she gave serious consideration to ditching everyone and everything and making a run for it. When she doesn’t, she gets two bullets in the chest, two plus weeks in a Russian prison, and then she’s back at home wondering what to do next.

In comes Auggie who’s JUST come off a broken engagement of his own. Insert S4. They make a go of it and things are interestingly awkward because Henry Wilcox shows up and Calder starts talking about how phone sex is ruining ops (which, to be honest, Auggie DOES get a little controlling) and by the end of it, everything is a wreck.

The point is this: Annie DOES have long term relationships, just not long enough to suit everyone. And what about just meeting people. We have no idea what she did from the ages of 18 and 28 (in terms of men). We know she met Ben. We know she tried to date here and there. We know she knows she can’t date Eyal. We know she almost ran off with Simon… and he was just an assignment, but a long term dating assignment nonetheless. She dated Auggie. And now she’s not dating anyone. She shared ONE KISS with McQuaid, all season long.

So, let’s not have any slut-shaming (unless someone wants to go after Hayley, in which case, seriously sit down). Annie’s a grown ass woman who can make her own grown ass choices.

There may be reasons to call this show a soap opera, but the sex lives (or lack thereof) of the characters isn’t one of them. Articles like this do a serious disservice to women in general, and I  would rather have Annie be single so she can do her job than with anyone who holds her back for any reason.

Anonymous said: You like covert affairs and are from Seattle?!

I adore Covert Affairs and am very near to Seattle, yes!

If you’re close to me, Anon… show yourself unAnon and we’ll chat, do coffee, have awesome marathons, whatever!

jaflow answered to your photo “HOT SYNC? I laughed. This was just… I just really liked this episode. …”

I liked this episode too. You gave some real in-depth review lol. I kinda want to believe McQuaid is telling the truth.

You’re funny :) I ALWAYS do an in-depth review. Or so I like to think. Mostly I just have rambling thoughts.

I love this show and I love this show’s fans. ♥

HOT SYNC? I laughed.This was just… I just really liked this episode. I warn you, this got LONG.
Calder and that Maserati. Okay? Let me repeat that for you: Calder and that Maserati. You guys know I have to do my shallow squeeing over Hill Harper at some point during every episode and this one? Man was totally on point with the suits, too? Yum. And yes, he’s a great actor and yes, I enjoy all his scenes with Auggie & Joan (don’t worry, we’re gonna get to Joan), but Calder.OKAY JOAN.Joan is not stupid. She’s never been stupid. Anyone that thinks that Joan Campbell is not the smartest cookie on this show needs to start over from the beginning and take notes. Lots of notes.Annie starts with subtle shade when she resigns, but Joan’s, “I accept that you don’t view me as the kind of friend or leader that I have tried to be,” really hit home for me. Joan has been both, repeatedly, at different times in Annie’s career and while there have been times that Annie has definitely been the one to work those angles and accept both Joan’s friendship and her leadership, she has also been one to throw both back in Joan’s face.She has a very hard time taking direction (from anyone, not just Joan) and in this case, I think there was a sense of betrayal on both sides. It’s very difficult when your body betrays you. You only get one and when it turns on you (cancer, a heart condition, whatever) that sense of betrayal is hard. Rather than adapt, Annie’s taking that and fighting it in the ways she knows how - emotionally and physically - rather than accepting it from the people who know her best (Joan and Auggie).When Annie lies and goes around Joan both professionally and personally, Joan feels that betrayal and is less inclined to stick her own neck on the line. With Lena, it was different - that was both an Agency thing and a personal thing. With this, Annie’s not just putting herself at risk, but the Agency, and any other operative she’s in the field with. If they can’t trust her to be at the top of her game when she’s needed most, the entire operation can be compromised. So, okay. The point of all that is that I can see where all these hurt feelings (and a lack of a desire to change) are coming from. But Joan was so on top of it this week, it just made me smile.Her call to Arthur, the whole, “this is Annie, are you kidding me, be serious, you know she’s doing something she shouldn’t, let’s be real, get with the program,” spiel they had going on was priceless. I enjoy that no one’s even acting surprised that Annie’s not taking it lying down and that it’s some big secret that she’s going to ignore orders.  Again, Joan’s not stupid.And ARTHUR.First off, Peter Gallagher is awesome. He always has time for his fans, he always says nice things on Twitter (this week, he promised we’d sing and dance the next time he’s in Seattle), and he enjoys talking about his characters as much as we enjoy learning about them. I really, truly love a cast that enjoys exploring the  nuances of their characters. It’s the little things that count.SO OKAY. Arthur hasn’t been married to Joan for almost ten years without learning a thing or two (on top of being badass himself). He knows Annie’s up to something and he wants to know what. Annie & Arthur have always had some kind of connection, ever since he was using Ben for his own ‘not so by the book’ stuff. And I’m glad that they went there and mentioned the connection with Arthur & his connections (the ones he used to find out about Flint) and how Arthur got the job at McQ in the first place..I mentioned Arthur and his Rolodex back in the review for Shady Lane, and how McQuaid (or someone there) might be using him to get to Joan since that’s Arthur’s BIG connection.  Which brings us to McQUAID and CAITLYN…Now, okay. I’ve said it over and over again: McQuaid is either the sacrifice or the baddie, he can’t be both… unless he’s like Simon. But he and Annie haven’t traveled “that path” except for a kiss, which leads me to believe that he’s the sacrifice. Someone else has to be the baddie. It COULD be Caitlyn (unless she kicks it), and I mentioned that she was shady several times, except… If it’s true that she followed Annie to the bunker, then she didn’t know where it was and wasn’t part of those ops. If it’s true. She also gave up info on McQ and their money situation. But I wasn’t the only one who yelled, “BORZ!” when Auggie said, “Guess who else worked for Flint?” after the dogwalker popped up, and it makes me wonder who we’re missing.I say Hayley in the preview for next week, but she’s not part of this storyline. Other than Annie’s heart condition, she has no actual ties to McQ. If we assume Caitlyn’s telling the truth (because of the bunker thing & the way she acted when the convoy was attacked & because red herring), AND we assume McQuaid himself isn’t the baddie because they’re leading into something else… who else is there?Someone at the CIA? What about the DCI’s stooge… he seemed awfully intent on bringing Auggie down along wtih Annie. The DCI? Someone has to have ties to Russian intel. Natasha? Have we seen the last of her? I know the hooker isn’t gone and we KNOW she’s connected. She could have been using Calder to get info without his even realizing it.Just food for thought.Other randoms?- I’d rather walk barefoot than let someone know I’m coming, especially in stilettos.- Speaking of which, those didn’t even match her outfit (but they DID match Caitlyn’s)- The music that was playing when she went into the bunker was very awesome SPY MUSIC- Auggie isn’t taking any shit from his work husband, Calder.- Calder’s just about done with the DCI, and good for him.- Annie’s, “You first,” to Caitlyn made me cackle.Seriously, I liked this episode a lot. Next week looks heart-attack inducing.
So. Thoughts?

HOT SYNC? I laughed.

This was just… I just really liked this episode.

I warn you, this got LONG.

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what if obama does the ice bucket challenge and nominates queen elizabeth

what if obama actually talks about what’s going on in ferguson

How about when someone makes a post about one thing, you don’t derail it with another.


When someone makes a post about something, ANYTHING AT ALL, and your response is to make it about something else - congrats, you’ve just become a jackass. I don’t give a damn how important your cause is.

"I like chocolate ice cream."

Someone reblogs this with, “Chocolate ice cream is nasty, but I love apple pie.”

Excuse you, but the discussion was not about pie at all. Neither was the original discussion about Ferguson.







There you go.

PS:  OBAMA REJECTED DOING THE ALS CHALLENGE after Ethel Kennedy (who is 86 years old and did it) challenged him. He said he’d donate, instead.

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COVERT AFFAIRS; text posts

SUITS; text posts

SUITS; text posts

COVERT AFFAIRS; text posts

REVOLUTION; text posts

I posted a quiz here. The results are under the cut.
1) What is Annie’s birthday?

August 8, 1982
August 18, 1980
August 8, 1980

As we know from Annie’s passport, her birthday is August 8, 1980.(11 people got this right)

2) What is Annie’s favorite holiday?

4th of July

As of 3.01, Annie’s favorite holiday is the 4th of July(10 people got this right, 1 person guessed Easter)

3) How early did Annie get pulled from the Farm?

One day
One week
One month

As of the pilot, we know that Annie got pulled one month early from the Farm.(10 people got this right, 1 person guessed one week)

4) Who is Annie’s favorite shoe designer?

Yves Saint Laurent
Christian Louboutin
Manolo Blahnik

As of every episode ever, we know that Annie’s favorite shoe designer is Christian Louboutin.(11 people got this right)

5) What kind of car DOESN’T Annie own?

A red Volkswagen
A blue Corvette
A white Mercedes

As of (at least) the pilot, she owns a red Golf, and as of 2.16, she owns a blue Corvette. Annie doesn’t own a white Mercedes.(11 people got this right)

6) Annie is a little superstitious… which won’t she do?

Blow out candles on her cake if it’s not her birthday
Walk under ladders if they’re blocking the sidewalk
Forget to throw salt over her left shoulder when it’s spilled

As of 2.02, Annie won’t blow out the candles on her cake if it’s not her birthday. She considers it bad luck.(9 people got this right, 2 people chose throwing salt over her left shoulder when it’s spilled)

7) Which specialized camp did Annie go to?

Equestrian Camp
Magic Camp
Space Camp

As of 2.05, Annie says that she went to Space Camp when she was 12 years old. (6 people got this right; 4 people chose Magic Camp, 1 person chose Equestrian Camp)

8) What is Annie extremely knowledgeable in?

All of the Above

As of 2.05, Annie confesses that her father taught her about astronomy as a child and she knows all the constellations. As of 2.04, she manages to fix a truck when she’s forced to steal one with an Italian spy. As of the pilot, and through Word of God, Annie speaks some variation of 18 languages. The answer is All of the Above.(5 people got this right; 5 people chose Languages, 0 people chose cars, 1 person chose astronomy)

9) Where HASN’T Annie been?


As of 2.16, Annie has been to Sweden (and we learn she grew up there). As of 1.09, Annie has been to Canada. On the show, we’ve never seen her in Japan.(10 people got this right; 1 person chose Canada)

For the last question, there was no “right” answer. For this, I’ll simply list how many people chose the options given:
Who do you like best?2 - Single Annie5 - Team Auggie2 - Team McQuaid0 - RIP Poor Simon1 - Prince of the CIA Jai1 - Prince of Everything Else Eyal1 - … uh, Ben


Thank you all SO MUCH for playing! Mostly, I love Annie and I love Covert Affairs and, as you all know, I talk about this show like it’s my job. ♥ My ask box is always open and my Twitter is always good for a discussion!

I posted a quiz here. The results are under the cut.

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Anonymous said: I know you saw the last episode and wanted to ask what you thought about calder. When the lawyer guy was talking with him after his inquisition he asked why calder was so defensive of Joan and he was defensive saying he had his reasons. Do you think this is because he knows about the balkans or that he's developed a little crush on her? Or is this trying to prove he's her ally? Or am i reading to much into it? I generally don't think they have scenes for no reason usually it builds to something

I always see the episodes :D

No, I don’t think Calder has a crush on her. I don’t think he needs to ‘prove' he's her ally.

I do think he truly wants to be her ally. I think he knows it’s better to present a united front to outsiders. I think he also knows that Joan knows about his proclivities for high priced call girls - though I think he should know that Joan’s not the type of woman to use that again him (I hope).

Joan values integrity - her own and in someone else. I think he realizes that and that’s part of the reason he’s defending her. His reasons include that, too, and he doesn’t need to have a reason to present that united front to anyone.

I do love the way they interact; I think he was genuinely worried about how she’d be when he got the job AND found out about Sydney/Stephanie, but now I think he’s coming around to the idea that maybe Joan’s a better ally than someone kept at a distance.

Anonymous said: with the whole joan backstory - I think it would be good if it had something to do with the hospital visit she mentioned in season 2 to meg. That way it's not come out of nowhere and it is tying up loose ends. A few things like that have been mentioned about joan (i.e. the lena - jonathan thing) that have never been explained. Hopefully this is to do with something already mentioned - its neater that way

I sincerely hope that’s the case, Anon. That’s what I was trying to go for in my comments about the idea.

I do know we got a host of new writers from S3 on, so… we’ll see? I mean, keeping Joan consistent can, at times, be a little difficult. I had issues with her Sudden and Inexplicable Drug Habit because it seemed so out of nowhere, so.

We’ll see.

If Meg comes back? Bonus! If it’s the Lena thing, well. Hmm.

Dear Harvey and Jessica,
There comes a time when a man must look at himself in the mirror. To judge himself instead of waiting to be judged by others. And for me, that time is now … this is the only place I’ve ever worked. It’s the only place I’ve ever wanted to work. It is my life; it is my home. And the people that work here are my family. You’re like my parents, and the partners, they’re like my brothers, and the associates, under my care, are like my children. And I’m ashamed to admit it, but I put all of you in jeopardy for my own personal gain. I told myself it was for the greater good, but the truth is I just wanted to feel on the same level as both of you. I can deny that no longer. I can excuse my actions no longer. Although we’ve had our difference over the years, there are no two people I respect more. Your names are on the wall for a reason and mine is not for a reason. And I refuse to put either one of you through the pain of having to fire me. So effective immediately, I, Louis Litt, am resigning from Pearson Specter. Please take care of my home.

(Source: pearsonspecterlitt)

That overnight talking scene… adorable. I like spies as normal people, too. It was like an all night slumber party!
AND THEN… okay, wait. Going back…
Hayley “Do you really think I’d be that unprofessional" Price - Uh, yes. Yes, I do. And sorry, but neither one of you get to take any kind of moral high ground here, except for where Hayley was just doing her job. And in that sense, if you’re just going to be doing your job? You don’t get to try and be a “good guy” when you dick over your SO’s best friend when you do it and then wonder why he gets pissed off. Because no. You wouldn’t have done it without seeing Auggie & Tash and if you WOULD have done it anyway, then you wouldn’t be wondering why he’s so pissed. Auggie “I use women on the regular" Anderson doesn’t get to act all stunned when she calls him on his shit, because, yeah. He DOES do this to women. We all KNEW he was doing it to Hayley. Keep your friends close and all that jazz. Basically, they both suck. And have the emotional maturity of eight year olds.  But they got some bangin’ sex out of it, so whatever.I feel bad for Calder since, well… it’s not like we don’t see his life about to teeter-crumble as it is, but now he has to answer for all Annie’s shit, too? Yeah, good luck with that, dude. Considering she’s all over the map (literally) with the decisions she makes… yeah, I really wouldn’t wanna be in a meeting that lasts so long they serve a meal in the middle either. They don’t even do that on planes anymore. Yeesh.And Joan? So betrayed, so I understand her anger, but would she really have let Annie stay in the field if she knew? I can see both sides of this, so. But I’m worried that now she has this shady backstory that we’ve never heard of WHICH, okay, is way easier to buy than a sudden addiction to pills, so. Bring it on.AND NOW.I said back in Shady Lane that McQuaid was shady… We all knew Roger was paranoid, but he wasn’t crazy. So, clearly the dog-walker offed him when McQuaid told him where they were going. BUT WHY. Last week, McQuaid had that cryptic line: “Maybe he didn’t even realize he’d strayed too far until it was too late to turn back.”  AND we know from two weeks ago that he thinks there’s a mole in his organization. So, unless he told Caitlyn something that we didn’t see… hmm. Because I thought it was her, but unless they’re holding off-camera discussions, idk. Once again, he’s either the shady guy or the sacrifice, but unless he’s like Simon, he can’t be both.Thoughts?

That overnight talking scene… adorable. I like spies as normal people, too. It was like an all night slumber party!

AND THEN… okay, wait. Going back…

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