i agree w/everything but Hayley. i dont think shes a better fit b/c i dont understand the attraction auggie had for her in the 1st place

Fair enough. Personally, I think if she’d rolled over and let him walk all over her, he wouldn’t have been attracted to her. But she stood up for herself, for her position, for her investigation, and for her job. She didn’t take his attitude, etc.

Now, granted, I said of the two. They both have their pros and cons.

They’re both smart, they’re clearly both a nice roll in the hay, and he clearly enjoys spending time with both of them. He connects with Natasha because of their hacker backgrounds, but she’s a fugitive and a little aggressive/forward. Hayley’s your clean-cut, All-American girl and part of the Agency, but she’s a bit petty and jealous.

I mean, it’s kind of a toss-up. I liked Parker.

Mostly, the Covert Crew is a bunch of goofy women who make my day.

… this has been your Wednesday Morning PSA.

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Just gonna start off by saying that I am SO glad that the Covert Affairs fandom makes the most beautiful gifs ever and I’m so grateful because none of you want ME making them I love to look at them ♥ Wednesday morning means the Covert Affairs tag is full of lovely things for me to gawk at.Okay! How about last night, am I right? Anyone else feel their blood pressure go WAY up? I’m just sayin’…
And I’m gonna put this out there (and it’ll all probably be blown to hell next week, but whatever) but I am L O V I N G this Annie/McQuaid globe-trotting friendship. Like, there’s no pressure to tear each other’s clothes off; he just kind of understands her, they have these issues that are unique to the lifestyle, but also unique to each of them… I mean, he can talk about this possible mole in his company to her because he can’t talk about it to anyone IN his company and she can talk about her health issue to him because she can’t go to anyone else inside the Agency - well, not without risking their job. And they don’t really have any other peon friends that they can just hang out with, so they have this weird, accidental cameraderie and it’s… sweet.He knew well enough to ask about her name-du-jour and I just… I mean, he’s like her “pal” and I just really enjoy that dynamic between them. He showed up to help her (though, his disappearing on her is still really, really bizarre) and then they shared a beer after. His story about the sleep rotation is common. I’ve heard it before - the ex was in the Navy - and then we see her on the couch, shoes on the edge, while he watches in the distance. I was SO IMPRESSED with that shot. Loved it.Anyway, they’ll probably end up taking that extra step, but I really do love the fact that it’s been this (at least six episode) slow burn and they’ve had these parallels.NOW, about the episode…… and how not everyone is just gonna fall for Annie’s magic— well, you know what I’m gonna say. “Martine” called and this guy goes, “this bitch drugged me and then had the nerve to call— MARTINE! Hi, sure, let’s hook up.” I really like that they didn’t dip into that trope twice. I’m over here worried about a poor man’s Simon Fischer and they had it all figured out. Not only that, but he was ready to go to town on her about it. and HOLY SHIT. That cuddle-headlock was NOT what I was expecting and when she collapsed against McQuaid? My heart was pounding. Nevermind the attempted drowning. Damn. Annie HAS to have used up like, seven of her nine lives now. At least.And then you have Arthur and Joan and their monument of perfection. Joan knows she shouldn’t have looked and Arthur doesn’t get all pissy because, well. He would have done the same thing. You know he would have. I love them. I LOVE them. I want to smoosh them together forever and ever. Now that I’m done being creepy (and Joan’s learned her lesson), I think it’ll be interesting to see how far it goes before Arthur is told there’s a mole (and how Joan uses that, or how that’s used to get CIA stuff). PS: You know it’s Caitlyn - unless we’re suddenly introduced to someone new.Calder, stop having sex with hookers. I didn’t even need her last “ominous line” to make me still distrust her. And I’m seeing a lot of Hayley hate, but… the girl’s just doing her job. I mean, her job is to do this investigation and if you knew your SO was going to go down for a friendship, you might throw out the idea that they make themselves a little scarce. Granted, she probably shouldn’t even be saying that much, but I can see how she’s just doing her job. And of the two women currently available to him, I’m not really down for Auggie sacrificing his job for a wanted fugitive (and really, he should know better… and does, which is why he didn’t tell Joan it was Natasha), and I think Hayley’s a better fit. Kind of.  But seriously, what do you think’s gonna happen when your INVESTIGATING “GIRLFRIEND” finds out you have a WANTED FUGITIVE in your apartment, much less that you’re two-timing her.I mean, I’d like to think that she wouldn’t get vindictive, but she’s already proven to be kind of the jealous type, so. IDKAlso, when Natasha gets caught, it gives me a chance to fawn over my bb Rossabi, so I AM kind of looking forward to that. If that opportunity passes by, I’ll be a little ticked.

… so, what did everyone else think?

[Previously on Covert Reviews…]

Just gonna start off by saying that I am SO glad that the Covert Affairs fandom makes the most beautiful gifs ever and I’m so grateful because none of you want ME making them I love to look at them ♥ Wednesday morning means the Covert Affairs tag is full of lovely things for me to gawk at.

Okay! How about last night, am I right? Anyone else feel their blood pressure go WAY up? I’m just sayin’…

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I work for a bank and today on conference call we played a quick game of “I know that voice” and when I got them all right I said, “Actually, I’m in the CIA and this bank is my cover.”

… they laughed, but what they don’t know is…

So, my dad’s in town from Mexico and his all-class reunion was in this lil town in Washington called Naches. Over the mountains we went.

Once there, his 7th grade teacher was there (man was like, 87 years old) and the guy starts talking about how he has this Corvette. And I said in this off-hand comment, “If it’s not a 1967 Stingray, it’s no good. That was the last great sportscar made. 427 horses, you know…” And trailed off.

This guy turns to look at me with this huge smile on his face. He says, “I drove my Thunderbird here, let’s take it for a spin. We’ll get the Corvette and come back.”

So, me being me, sure. Off I go in this little old man’s Thunderbird and we go on this tour through the apple orchards (which are gorgeous) and he’s telling me stories about how my dad stopped bullying when he was a kid and was this above average student and so on and stories about who used to live where and then he pulls over and asks if I wanna drive the Thunderbird.


Driving this car was SO much fun. Hands on the steering wheel at ten & two and doing the exact speed limit and he goes, “Why are you going so slow, open ‘er up!” and so that’s how I ended up doing ninety down the highway in this man’s Thunderbird.

Then we picked up the ‘Vette and ohmygod.

Driving that?

Was an orgasmic experience. And when we pulled back up to the reunion like, an hour and some odd later… it was awesome.

Not sure if you can see tell, but… I had to stand on a completely different step because I’m so short.  LOL

Not sure if you can see tell, but… I had to stand on a completely different step because I’m so short. LOL

WARNING: unmitigated bitching inside

I’m really kind of having a moment about this whole Auggie/Annie, “Why isn’t my ship together?!” temper tantrum I’m seeing all over tumblr/twitter.

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Anonymous said: the goodbye scene between joan and arthur was adorable. I'm glad they are showing the slightly paranoid side of Joan's personality without taking it overboard. She wouldn't be Joan if she wasn't a little insecure about her husband working with a woman. Oh and the kiss. So cute

I love that Joan knows what she can and can’t ask and doesn’t get bitchy about it. They talk in that spy-speak without being cagey.

Also, when he came home, there was no talk of, “honey, I almost died,” though I’m sure Joan’ll hear about it third-hand. If not, that’d be better, because, let’s face it. I like their separate lives. It’s just a thing that happened and now we’re moving on.

Let’s call this episode: How Many Times Can Auggie Get Naked in 43 Minutes?
OR: Annie Makes a Good Dominatrix
So, in this episode, we’re off to Paris to find Natasha so she can help our intrepid heroes hack things to find the guy who funded the explosion and… got it.
Auggie: FTR, I didn’t go over there to spend the night…Me: LIAR.Annie: You don’t have to explain yourself to me. You did what you had to.Me: And Joan would be so proud.But Annie giving advice? I enjoyed this. “That’s what friends are for.” Yes yes yes. That IS what friends are for. I love them as friends.
BUT THEN.Annie: I got the intelAuggie: No shitSee, this was great line delivery.Okay, now look.I remember a very specific time when Auggie (and I think Calder’s done it, too) decided things on Annie’s behalf because he was her handler. For the mission. Saying he chose her over the mission doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do and then bringing up her medical condition?It took EXACTLY ONE EPISODE for him to use that against her. I am so unsurprised. If you do a favor for someone, big or small,you don’t get to hold it over them. So Auggie can aim for the moral high ground here, but Annie was not wrong - time was of the essence and Auggie’s response to “telling the truth” with Natasha was telling only the truths he wanted. He didn’t tell her about Hayley, but he told her about the CIA and then slept with her - for the second time anyway, either hoping she’d come around (again) or just because he wanted to. Either way, it was a bad situation.Annie wasn’t wrong; Auggie was compromised and she needed that intel. It truly sucks that Natasha (a US fugitive and FBI’s most wanted) feelings were hurt and that Auggie felt betrayed, but he can’t act like he hasn’t done the same thing to Annie AND he can’t pull the, “I’m doing you a favor so you owe me,” card. I’m seriously sick of his emotional manipulation when the situation fits his circumstance.… and I’m not sure how Natasha made it back without her charges being dropped, but. Okay.And once again, Annie’s going to go seduce an FSB operative - and yes, I have an entirely different set of thoughts on THAT scene with her and dude and wow, but… are we seducing him now? What is this next level, poor man’s Simon Fischer shit.PS: Arthur Campbell, you’re a badass. I love you the most.PPS:  Okay, Joah, I love you, too. A lot. Seriously, I could watch Covert Campbells as a TV show and be quite happy. Joan just schooling Calder on what *not* to do with his life and Arthur handling insurgents in Iraq single-handedly. Yup.

Let’s call this episode: How Many Times Can Auggie Get Naked in 43 Minutes?

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You guys want to go home? Fine. Say the word, and we’ll all go home, pay our bills, feed our fish, fall asleep in front of the TV – and miss out on all of this. Come on. Do you guys wanna do that? Anybody? Zach, come on, think about, look at where we are. We’re in space. You guys wanna leave?

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so airplanes officially banned tweezers. honestly i think anyone that can hijack an airplane with a pair of tweezers deserves the airplane

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If nice guys finish last, then nice girls never even get to be in the race.


i can’t wait until october when there’s no sun outside and everything is cute colors and it’s cold and there are terrible horror movies on tv, my power is at its peak then

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You know what’s hella sad? Stiles made out with Malia out of pity because he felt guilty turning her back into a human, and now she’s all attached to him like, “omg you’re my mate. You’re my everything. Protect me. You’re the only person I have. Love me. Kiss me. Be my boyfriend. Be my husband.”

Poor Stiles has a clingy and desperate coyote riding his ass. Must be annoying as fucking hell.

ah! of course the pity kiss


nice and short as we can see


wait thats not how you


okay round 2 apparently


wow stiles sure wants it bad for someone who he’s apparently “pity kissing”


aw look at that lil smile he’s such a good actor!!!!


woah there stiles gettin a little handsy there i thought this was just a little pity kiss


is that marvin gaye in the background? MARVIN GAYE ISN’T SUPPOSED TO PLAY DURING PITY KISSES


stiles don’t look at her like that she might get the impression that you like her


slow down buckaroo someone might think you’re actually enjoying this


uh stiles? 


see you later i guess????


you guys look like couple cuddling like that smh well as long as the pity kisses are over haha


god damnit stiles noT AGAIN

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